A Story of Decline

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Fellow Pileus blogger Jason Sorens (along with his collaborator William Ruger) have gained some attention with their “Freedom in the 50 States,” a project that ranks the states based on a number of indicators (see Jason’s blog entry here). Although my state of residence, Connecticut, is number 40 in the rankings, there are some long-term trends that makes one confident that it will soon be in the bottom five.   These trends are presented in Jim Powell’s article on the nutmeg state (in  Forbes) entitled  “How Did Rich Connecticut Morph Into One of America’s Worst Performing Economies.”

Readers might be surprised to learn that Connecticut has been hemorrhaging population and businesses and is currently ranked number 50 in annual economic growth. This should be no great surprise given a few facts. There have been:  dramatic increases in taxation (including a $1.8 billion increase in 2011 alone, a year when 77…

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